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Hey, Well its was the morning of the 27th of March when I woke up and realised my life was about to change, embarking on a working holiday visa to Australia and leaving all my family and friends behind, not having a clue if id be home in a few months or a few years! Luckily its not the first!!

First stop was New Delhi India, Landing there was probably the craziest place I have been to date, I'd read about the taxi scams an was prepared for it! Jumped into a Taxi and agreed a price, on the way to the hotel we were told he was having trouble finding the hotel, and he will stop and ask for us, we followed him into a travel agents where the very friendly man "rang" our hotel and told us unfortunalty its fully booked!!! haha, yeh right I said, we have a reservation, He started to get angry and demanded our passports, We were a little intimated but strictly told our driver to drop us off at the train station as we knew it was near by. After being dropped off the scams didnt stop, a "railway offical" told us where our hotel was an to go with this man to another travel agents for directions, i was now tired and getting very angry. We called our hotel where a friendly member of staff came an met us and took us literally 5 mins away to our hotel! Thank God! After a sleep we went for some authentic Indian food an took to the streets to look around, its true what they say about India, the mess, the traffic, and the cows! But it was amazing! All in all we saw the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Red fort, Jama Masjid which is a mosque. Rathembore tiger reserve, Jaipur an the pink city, packed a lot into the 2 weeks...an yes i had delhi belhi! not good!!

Next after India was a cheeky trip to Hong Kong, 3 days there. Stayed in the infamous Chunking mansions.. was an experience, if you dont know what it is google it! Visited the peak, harbour cruise, met a couple of great women who we went to dinner with an got to hang out with local people so that was a good experience. Been to hongkong before an still as good as ever!

Thailand was the next destination, landing in Bangkok in Songkran! The Thai new year where everybody throws water on each other, was soaked before getting to my hotel, even though it was almost midnight! Stayed near Kohsan Road, the first day we decided to enter the spirit of things an got involved in songgkran, buying a few water guns and beers we set off spraying people with water, getting absoultly soaked, after 8hrs of water fights and drinking, you are literally dead! but it was probably the most fun I have EVER had, literally the best day of my life!! Will experience that again thats for sure. Stayed in Bangkok for a few days partying with friends my mate new from Bangkok seeing things like the grand palace, floating markets. Been before so not much Id left to see. Took an overnight train to surat thani, then bus, and boat to Phi Phi where we stayed for a few week relaxing and partying, threw in a few days to Phuket, but literally it was just drinking and partying. Visited Maya bay, Did some cliff jumping, Diving, Kayaking. But Thailand was great, especially with my friend having friends who live there we got to again hang out and experience the culture. A great place.

After Thailand we flew to Bali Indonesia and stayed there for 2 weeks, again my friend knew people there so got to hang with them again, Did a lot of surfing in Kuta, a lot of drinking!! Visited the Gili Islands as well which is fantastic, Went to an indonesian birthday party which was amazing, felt a little out of place at first but got into things after a while. Bali is such a fantastic place, an a place i need to see more of.

Then that leads me to my current destination, Darwin Australia, Landing on the 27th of may, needed to find a job fast but was not looking hopeful, I was down to my last $100 when i finally got work! Working in a nightclub! Getting Paid $900 a week an am saving a lot as well. Darwin hasnt a lot to see, will one day soon visit Litchfield, Croc jumping, and a few other places. Its fun here though, except for living in a hostel.

We have decided to Spend a few months in Asia again as its so much fun, and xmas in Aus is soooo expenisve. we have booked a flight to Bali on the 6th of Septmber.. 8 weeks to go! spending a month there! A flight to the Philippines on the 5th of October, Flight to Thailand on the 1s of november and back to bali around the middle of december for xmas! Then flying to Cairns in January... So a lot more to blog about! Sorry its so long, but forgot about writing this!

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